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The Raiders had a funny, embarrassing moment involving Jon Gruden today, if you can believe it!

The Oakland Raiders are playing another one of the NFL’s worst teams, the Arizona Cardinals. And after a three-and-out where Derek Carr couldn’t connect with Jalen Richard on third down, Carr and Gruden got into an argument on the sidelines. Fortunately, cameras captured it.

The story doesn’t end there. Raiders tight end Lee Smith actually came in to prevent any more arguments, according to an Oakland radio reporter.


It’s not like Gruden or Carr needed to be restrained, but it was pretty great another player had to step in between the QB and the head coach. In better news, the Raiders may finally get their first win over a team other than the Browns today.

Update, 6:43 p.m.: What could make this even better? Another sideline argument!

In other news, the Raiders are now losing.

Update, 7:11 p.m.: All the arguing worked. The Raiders won!

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