Jon Jones Talks The Wildest Possible Shit To Daniel Cormier

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Whether or not you remember the time a year ago when Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier—the two best light-heavyweight fighters in the world, who legitimately can’t stand each other and match up in ways that make for brilliant fighting—were caught talking incredible shit to each other, you’ll appreciate this sequel, where Jones is caught talking the wildest possible shit to Cormier.


“I made you cry in front of the world,” says Jones.

“Hey, that’s passion!” says Cormier.

“Shut the fuck up—”

“Can’t stand you—”

“Shut up, pussy boy.”


“Pussy boy.”


It goes on from there. (“You cried! You cried, Daniel!”)

For context, read up here about how Cormier, having given Jones as technically tough a fight as possible, cried on the shoulder of his coach, teammate, and friend Cain Velasquez after losing to Jones in a great fight. The two will be rematching in July on what is, on paper, the best UFC card of all time.


h/t Felix