Jon Miller Isn't Interested In This Internet Stuff

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This whole Internets thing might be a bit confusing for Jon Miller, known primarily as Joe Morgan's Sunday night booth partner. Miller, for one, doesn't see the point in those blogamabobs.

Dan Steinberg on The Sporting Blog talked to Miller on the eve of Randy Johnson's 300th win, artfully guiding the conversation from Johnson to broadcast milestones to Joe Morgan and Internet criticism with a masterful segue: "Hey, speaking of Joe, do you get irritated with some of the criticism?"


That leads him to another question: "What about the Internet stuff, do you read blogs?"

Take it away, sir:

Oh no, I don't even understand what the point of it is. I mean, I know people are communicating, but it's not interesting to me. I like the blogs that the beat writers have now....

But for the rest of it, I don't really care about it. I mean, for me, if there's criticism, and it's about something that I could do something about, or at least something that I could say that's a good point, or no I disagree with that for this reason, well, that's good. I mean, we all need feedback, and maybe somebody makes a good point. You know, I was a terrible English student in high school. I couldn't probably diagram a sentence today. I mean, if somebody uses the phrase dangling participle, I'm going 'Huh?' I don't have a clue what that is.


But if somebody just says, this guy sucks, or he stinks? Well, that's not interesting to me. You know, there's nothing I can do with it. With Joe, you know, Joe knows a LOT about the game. Whether occasionally he mangles the language or says something that maybe comes out different from what he meant to say, like a million other ballplayers, that all could be. But they told me that there's a Web site called or something. Well, what's the point of that? That's just mean, mean-spirited. I mean, what is the actual point?


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