I'm a little surprised that The Daily Show didn't break in with weekend coverage of the Plaxico Burress story; the whole thing seems cobbled by comedy elves just for Jon Stewart. Finally on Monday he was able to jump on it, and while not as good as Dash's efforts on this story, Stewart did not disappoint (video below). Regarding the accompanying graphic:

"Why is this a story? Because he shot himself in the leg, one of the two legs that he needs to be the star wide receiver for the New York Giants. Now, if he was Plaxico Burress, the famed wheelchair-bound private detective, it doesn't even really make the papers. You know, that guy shoots himself in the leg, he's still out there solving crimes."

More from the segment:

Yep, Oh My God, I Just Shot Myself In The Thigh is already my new ringtone.

Here's the entire Daily Show segment if you're so inclined.