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Jonathan Papelbon's Dramatic Debut

How do you know you've made it, you've crossed from the niche market of athletics into the popular subconsious of local culture? When you start doing terrible, cheapo car commercials, of course!

Henceforth, here's the local car commercial debut for Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, who has sent Red Sox Nation into a full swooning tizzy. He's got all the right moves here. Awkward cue card readings. Inappropriate declarations. ("Oh, I found it!") Lack of conviction while using a laptop computer. (Surely Schilling could have given him some tips, yes?) Our favorite part is when he successfully tosses a baseball to himself while still talking up the glories of Humvees.


It's not quite the famous Clinton Portis/Lavar Arrington spots for Eastern Automotive Group, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

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