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Redskins Surprisingly Effective Car Salesmen

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With the Redskins improbably advancing to the NFL's Final Eight, we're obviously going to be ratcheting up the Clinton Portis coverage even more than we already have, if that's not terrifying enough for you. As a little appetizer, though, we present you this gaggle of advertisements for Easterns Automotive Group, a used-car dealership that specializes in people with terrible credit. (Their slogan is "Your Job Is Your Credit," which is better than, say, "Your Dog Is Your Credit" or "Your Bath Towel Is Your Credit.")

Portis is featured in several ads, rocking out rather violently in an Escalade, and Levar Arrington, Brendan Heywood and Carmelo Anthony — who, mercifully, doesn't sneak in a "Don't Snitch" rebuke — also pop in. They're perfect late-night, "did I really see that?" infomercial stuff, and there's even a surprisingly catchy rap. Check it out.


Fun Stuff [] (VIDEO)

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