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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

In the closing seconds of the Sixers’ 108-97 win over the Cavaliers, Dario Saric laid down a dunk against some half-hearted defense when Philly could’ve dribbled out the rest of the game clock. It made Cleveland’s Jordan Clarkson angry enough to toss the ball at the back of the Philly forward. Who knew such a lame dunk could stir up so much emotion?

“Uh, basketball, that’s it,” Clarkson said after the game. “Part of the game. If anybody say different, that they wouldn’t have did that, that they’d have did something different or anything else, they lying. Especially if it was at that [point] of the game. They know what’s up. That’s it.”


Come on, man. At least admit you were trying to boost morale in a game that was well decided.

LeBron was slightly agitated in the moment, though he clearly didn’t care that much afterwards:

Throw out any “unwritten rule” that says there’s a time when you shouldn’t dunk.

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