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Jose Canseco confounds us, because he's obviously a moron, yet he's pretty much the only guy who's been right about this steroid business from the beginning. It's like learning Charles Nelson Reilly came up with some cinematic innovation 20 years ago. Anyway, he's spouting off again, and this time he's picking a high profile target.


Yeah, Canseco's writing another book, and he might be going after Alex Rodriguez. Here's an excerpt of an interview he gave to Boston radio yesterday.

"I have other stuff on Alex Rodriquez" and "He is not whom he seems to be." The announcers asked Canseco directly: "Has A-Rod ever taken steroids"

Canseco: "Wait and see"

Realizing that Canseco is almost entirely full of horse dung — except of course when he's the only person who's right about anything — we mostly just find it sad that a member of A-Rod's "muscular, she-male type" harem is turning on him.

Did Jose Canseco Call Out A-Rod About Steroids? [Steroid Nation]

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