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Jose Canseco Just Can't Catch A Break In This Business

We're trying to imagine something more sad than a once-proud athlete attempting to feed his ravenous need for competition by going against Tucker Carlson on a televised dancing show, and we think we've found it: Begging to be on "Dancing With The Stars" and being refused.

Apparently, what he was doing was getting face time to try to provide some material evidence to the "rumors" that he would be the next Dancing With the Stars sports star - Rumors that evidently, Canseco was planting himself. It seems that the plan was to get as much face time in the gossip columns as possible so as to make it seem that he was the prime candidate for the spot. Sort of the self fulfilling prophecy strategy. The plan obviously didn't work as Clyde the Glide and the speed skater are strutting their stuff on network TV while Canseco tries to figure out if he really is just destined to do softcore porn.


We think softcore porn probably is inevitable, but we support Canseco's desperate grasps at the dying spotlight. If Andrew Dice Clay can get a reality show, we see no reason Jose shouldn't have the opportunity.

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