Oh, 'tis a sad, sad day indeed when one is outwitted by Jose Canseco. As SportsbyBrooks so dutifly reported over the weekend, the man who once had a baseball bounce off his noggin for a home run has apparently convinced USA Today columnist Michael McCarthy that his non-existent TV reality show, Win a Day with Jose, is something that's actually being produced.

USAT notes Canseco recently said that he had "received wild responses from fans who want to participate" in his upcoming reality show. Problem #1: The show doesn't exist (Canseco has made futile attempts to pitch the show to various cable networks). Problem #2: The Canseco-created website that supposedly took those "wild responses" registers zero traffic and the website sign-up form for the show doesn't work.

Here's the site. And here's the traffic. Chances of this show getting on the air are very slim; there are simply too many reality show ideas in line ahead of it. Concepts with better prospects of being produced than Win a Day with Jose:

• Win A Day With Stephen A. Smith
• Kiss Bruce Valanch On The Mouth
• Spot The Terrorist!
• Drive Around With A Flatulent John Daly With The Windows Rolled Up
• 101 Citations (With Michael Vick)


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