Jose Canseco's Latest Tragicomedy Plays Out On Boston Radio

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The controversy over Jose Canseco's no-show at one of his silly celebrity boxing matches has reached almost a full week of coverage thanks to the public piss-off between Jose and promoter Damon Feldman. Did Jose knowingly dick over the fight promoter and send his twin brother Ozzie to fight for him? Did the promoter knowingly try to dupe his paying public by willfully trying to pass off Ozzie as Jose? Do you want to stick your head inside the oven and let the gentle gas take you away from all this? No shame in that if you do.


Still hellbent on truthifying America, Jose Canseco called into the Toucher and Rich show (ToucherandRichToucherandRichToucherandRich) this morning to tell his side of the story. Then Feldman called in. Then they yelled at each other. Then they hung up on each other. Then Jose called back. Then Jose accused the show of disrespecting him and his purple unicorn. Then Jose hung up again:

Prior to all this, Jose's publicist typed out a press release exonerating her client from any wrongdoing or chicanery before the fight. This is what she came up with:


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In the throws of dealing with his much beloved father death, Jose Canseco is also facing an onslaught and barrage of negative media surrounding Damon Feldman, a boxing promoter and currently on probation in Pennsylvania for fixing fights.

On Saturday, March 26th, fans lined up at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Fl. expecting to see Jose Canseco in a boxing match, when in actuality it was his brother Ozzie Canseco that came in to fight for Jose. The media is spurning that boxing promoter Damon Feldman "didn't know it was Ozzie and it was a bait and switch", when in fact Feldman knew a week before that Jose had thrown his back out and wasn't able to fight.

Jose called Feldmen to advise h..

Eh, that's enough. It's just good to know that Ozzie was not "in the throws of dealing with his much beloved father death" as Jose and was able to show up.

Oh, and Jose should probably let his PR person also know that his bio link on their site needs some work.