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Jose Mourinho Gets Sent Off, Watches Rest Of Match Among Fans

Did Jose Mourinho do something awesome and kind of crazy recently? Of course he did.

Our update on Mourinho's latest antics comes from The Telegraph after he was sent off the pitch this past Saturday during a match between his Chelsea side and Cardiff City. Unhappy with his opponents' time-wasting, he apparently made his frustration a little too evident to the fourth official, who sent him to the stands.


Mourinho grabbed a seat right next to one very lucky Chelsea supporter, who got to watch the latter stages of the game next to the most famous manager in the world. That and a great picture sounds like a good deal for the 15 quid he paid for the ticket.


The fun police at the FA have charged him with improper conduct for the incident, and Mourinho will probably have more to say on the subject during today's press conference ahead of Chelsea's Champions League match against Schalke. Never change, Jose.


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