Refusing a face-to-face meeting is one thing, but you know the relationship is damaged when Broncos' quarterback Jay Cutler ignores your text messages. Poor Josh McDaniels.

In an interview with on Monday, McDaniels insisted that the Broncos' relationship with Cutler is reparable.

"He's our quarterback," McDaniels said. "We can't predict the future. He's our quarterback, we want him to be our quarterback, we made that very clear to him and we hope he feels the same way. (Trade) Conversations were had and we've never denied that. But at the same time it's our job to look at every opportunity that we can to see if it's something that could improve our football team and that's what we were doing."

Then, there's this bit of middle school drama from the Denver Post:

According to an NFL source, McDaniels sent a text to the disgruntled Cutler before arriving here at the owners meetings. Cutler has yet to respond.


OMG, a text message? Cutler thinks that's disrespectful. And he kind of has a point. If you want to get back together with someone, you don't text them. You show up at their house and wait in the hot tub like in that mop commercial.

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