Photo: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Washington cornerback Josh Norman caught a flag in Week 4's game against the Browns for pretending to shoot a bow and arrow. Since the NFL no longer seems to be okay with bows and arrows—real or imaginary—Norman says he might utilize a new celebration involving beer. Surely, the league wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Charlotte Wilder of For The Win learned about Norman’s idea today:

“I’ll say this,” Norman said in the Washington locker room after practice on Thursday, when asked for a hint. “Since they sell beer on TV while kids are watching it, I’m thinking I might open a keg on the field, and I’m going to drink it on the field. And I don’t see that being on the rule book.”

Norman then pretended to open an invisible keg, pump it, and lift it above his head.

That’s not how anyone uses a keg, but the plan’s creative. Norman could also shotgun an invisible beer, or pretend to mix a cocktail and drink it. There’s a lot of potential here.

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