Judge Denies House Arrest For Floyd Mayweather, Who Says Jail Is Ruining His Body And Career

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A Nevada judge ruled late today that Inmate #01363917, better known as boxer Floyd Mayweather, would not be granted his request for house arrest and must serve out the remainder of his sentence, which is scheduled to end on August 3. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has all the details from today's decision:

Mayweather's attorney Richard Wright argued the boxer is being treated differently because Las Vegas police have isolated him because of his celebrity status.

Wright presented several sentence modifications, which included full-term house arrest or serving three days a week in the jail and the remainder on house arrest.

Mayweather lives in a 12,000-square-foot mansion in the ritzy Southern Highlands development. The mansion sports a walk-in closet bigger than his jail cell.

"I'm not looking for special treatment for Floyd Mayweather. I'm looking for fair treatment," Wright said.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported Monday that Mayweather filed a motion seeking house arrest because he was being treated differently than other inmates at the Clark County Detention Center charged with similar misdemeanor offenses. Mayweather is segregated from the general population and confined to his cell 23 hours a day in a locked-down section populated by felony defendants.

The 35-page motion, which included an affidavit from Mayweather's personal physician, Dr. Robert Voy, said that if Mayweather remained in jail, it would threaten his career. The boxer had planned on fighting for at least two more years, according to the motion.

Voy, through a court order, examined Mayweather for 90 minutes on Friday while jail medical staff observed. He determined Mayweather is consuming less than 800 calories a day. He is eating fruit, bread and energy bars bought at the commissary. Under his normal daily training routine the boxer consumes between 3,000 to 4,000 calories.


And no, the judge's ruling was not deemed null and void when two other incompetent judges decided that Mayweather could go home. Things like that only happen in real life.

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