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Judge Makes The Bold Move Of Questioning Maurice Clarett's Mental Health

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The latest news in the Maurice Clarett situation isn't that he's being required to undergo a mental health evaluation. The news is that he doesn't think he needs one. When the judge ordered the evaluation, Clarett scoffed at him. He was later quoted as saying, "I clearly understand everything, and I don't know why we have to drag this thing out."

Judges are funny that way. When a guy's making "I'm about to kill myself" phone calls, wearing a bulletproof vest, pulling from a Grey Goose bottle in front of cops, and storing his gun next to his lint roller, judges sometimes question their sanity. They like to err on the side of caution in those cases.


This trial, by the way, actually has nothing to do with the recent arrest. This one's about the New Year's Day accusations of Clarett allegedly sticking up a couple of people at gunpoint. Mo's lawyers didn't want to do the mental health evaluation, in part because they believe they can get an early acquittal on these charges and get Maurice sent home early. I don't think they've been reading the papers.

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