Judge Will Rule On Tom Brady's Suspension Within A Couple Days

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Today’s court hearing—which Tom Brady and Roger Goodell were ordered to attend—was over in five minutes. U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said there will be no settlement, so it’s up to him to decide whether Brady’s four-game suspension for deflating footballs should stand. And the judge said he’ll make that call this week.

“We did not reach settlement … the parties tried quite hard,” said Berman. “In some cases (settlement) doesn’t happen. This is one of those cases.”

Berman said he hopes to rule within the next day or two, but “certainly by Friday,” which was the self-imposed deadline by which both sides wanted a ruling. The Patriots kick off the season on Thursday, Sept. 10. Whether Brady plays is up to Berman—though no matter how he rules, the losing side could appeal. We’re officially on Bradywatch starting tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean this is the last we’ll hear of Ballghazi.