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Julian Edelman’s Fingertips Taketh, Giveth, Taketh Away

Julian Edelman’s hands ruled the most consequential sequence so far in tonight’s AFC title game. First, down 17-14, the Chiefs punted to the Patriots receiver, who appeared to muff the punt and set Kansas City up for a prime scoring opportunity. It seemed like to me on the replay that he did touch the ball, or at least came close enough to doing so to not merit the call getting overturned, but officials saw enough to rule that it was actually Patriots ball.

On the very next play, Tom Brady hit Edelman in the hands on a crossing route, and his hands definitely touched the ball, which bounced right off them for a Chiefs interception.

Two players later, the Chiefs scored a touchdown to go up 21-17. The saying in basketball for a missed free throw that follows a cheap call is “ball don’t lie,” not “ball doesn’t lie,” Tony.

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