Julian Tavarez, Still Crazy, Still Losing Stuff

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Next month, we'll be heading to Fenway Park to see our Cardinals play the Red Sox. We've been trying to calm our parents down; they're a little afraid Boston fans will come after them for wearing Cardinals garb. We don't think so. Cardinals fans and Red Sox fans have always gotten along well, thanks mostly to the Cardinals' magnanimous decision to let Red Sox fans into Busch Stadium for free for the last few innings of the 2004 World Series. (We're so nice in St. Louis.) But also: We've both ridden the Julian Tavarez crazy train.

Taverez has answered taunts, not known who Ernie Banks was, fought in spring training and fired baseballs into the stands. He has done this for both teams, and we're all a little scared of him. Though we'll give the Red Sox some credit; they did get him a World Series ring. Which he promptly lost.

It seems the newest member of the Milwaukee Brewers left the $20,000 prize in his locker when the Red Sox designated him for assignment, then released him earlier this month. "They're going to mail it to me, I'm sure," Tavarez said.


We suspect that either Tavarez swallowed the ring in a ravenous rage, or that it's planted somewhere deep within the cheek of a Milwaukee bouncer.

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