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Jumpin' Jehoshaphat, Take A Look At This Goddamned 7-Foot Chinese Boxer

This is probably nothing. Probably, this is an oddity that will resolve itself well outside the view of the general boxing public. But just in case it isn't, this here is Taishan Dong, a 26-year-old, 7-foot, 280-pound former kickboxer out of China, and he moved to 3-0 this weekend.

The video above is Taishan up against a pudgy man named Roy McCrary over the weekend. Taishan (his real name is Jianjun Dong, but he changed it, because Taishan is a fucking mountain he climbed) bullied McCrary around for four rounds and took an easy decision. His three pro boxing fights have been against off-brand tomato paste—guys he can shove to the ground on routine holds, who don't have the quicks or forward thrust to get inside on the dreadnaught—but he's shown a little. More than you'd expect when you click through a link about a 7-foot boxer, at least.


Watch the videos below of his other pro fights and you'll see him moving around a little, occasionally planting at appropriate range, which is roughly the third row ringside, and shooting a concrete jab... somewhere. Occasionally it lands flush, and you see half a health bar fade out of the poor mope in there with him; more often it sails on him. Placement on that jab and the followup overhand right (he only really throws in twos) is shaky, but noticeably better in this last fight than in the first two. He also throws some left hook leads, which you can do when you're throwing them from the New Jersey Turnpike, and a right cross as he's backing up that looks like it has a perverse amount of stopping power for what it is. He's strong and twice again as big as your average heavyweight.

He's also got no real defense to speak of. Those sad sacks he's been clobbering haven't done much with the openings, but you can't really watch him move around without picturing a wrecker, even a technically mediocre one like Deontay Wilder, slipping inside and ending him. If you go back to his sad, sad kickboxing date with Bob Sapp, you can see how that might look—before getting dropped, Sapp charges inside, holds him up, and Taishan just looks lost.

But whatever, man. There is a giant goddamned Chinese guy dropping heavyweights like 80-pound sacks of pudding out here. Probably it's nothing. But hell, maybe?

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