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Wayne Rooney slammed home a late penalty today to bring underdog Everton even with Liverpool, in what would eventually be a 1-1 draw. No penalty has ever been given in the history of soccer without the penalized side being fucking apoplectic, but this one, well, judge for yourself:

It’s a little soft, right? Contact is made, but Calvert-Lewin goes down very easily—I’m not sure it rises to the level of diving, but he’s definitely, um, selling the contact. At any rate, it worked, and Rooney banged it home, and Everton were thrilled to come away with the draw.


Know who was not thrilled? Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, who first was very shitty to Sky Sports reporter Pat Davison, for daring to ask about the penalty:

Klopp continued the “OK, I’m wrong, the football man, whereas you media scum obviously know everything” routine in a podium appearance:


Klopp is great, and his unvarnished passion is a huge part of his appeal, both as a manager and a public personality. To be honest, I am even enjoying this bitchy temper tantrum. It may not be as entertaining as Klopp randomly opening up about his sex life, but it’s part of the same outsized personality, and it beats the hell out of dour NFL-style stoicism.

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