Photo: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

After six days of deliberations, jurors in the FIFA corruption trial returned today with a partial verdict. According to multiple reports, José Maria Marin and Juan Ángel Napout were found guilty of racketeering conspiracy in federal court in Brooklyn. Marin also was found guilty of money laundering conspiracy and wire fraud, per The New York Times, while Napout also was found guilty of wire fraud conspiracy. Marin had been president of the Brazilian Football Confederation. Napout had been president of CONMEBOL, which oversees soccer in South America.

Rebecca R. Ruiz with the Times was at the courthouse and described what unfolded this afternoon.


The case first became public back in 2015. According to The Guardian, so far prosecutors have obtained 23 guilty pleas “against individuals and entities accused of bribery” and more than 40 people and companies have been charged.


As for FIFA, it is still acting exactly like FIFA.