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Just How Extremely Over Are The NBA Finals?

When you’re pretty sure you know the answer.
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Let me take you inside the game for a moment: we record the Deadcast a little while before you actually hear the Deadcast. It is not, despite the seamlessly integrated ads and effortlessly fluid riffage, a live show. When we recorded this one on Wednesday morning, the NBA Finals were not quite as extravagantly over as they seem on Thursday. There was hope. Of a kind. Anyway, there were takes to be taken. And so we took them.

Oh buddy did we ever take them. Drew and I were joined by Deadspin Supreme Commander Megan Greenwell for a discussion that...definitely involved me unconvincingly trying to talk myself into an extra few games of the NBA Finals, but which also included evangelical regional fast-food chains, the NFL’s hilarious/harrowing ongoing anthem-related feud with Our Big Wet President, the importance of non-brown foods and the ambiguities of the American meat-and-three concept, and presumably a few other things that were at least adjacent to the different sports things happening at this moment in time. Also baseball, we did talk about baseball for a bit.

As usual, you all rescued us from complete anti-take heat death with your sublime and extremely damaged questions. We have answers on wearing baseball hats backward at an advanced age—there is a celebrity cameo on that one—as well as a boldly idiotic anti-Moneyball approach to a Miami Marlins rebuild, the Trump Question Of The Week, and the inevitable prospect of Bob Kraft starting to appear in public wearing Supreme gear. It’s all been leading up to this. Just because it’s inevitable doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the ride.


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