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The Minneapolis Star Tribune is already pimping a book about "American institution" Brett Favre's first season in Minnesota, "the most memorable in the history of the franchise." This seems presumptuous. More breathless prose after the jump. Plus, an important announcement.


The book is called Purple Reign, which also seems presumptuous, but what it lacks in reserve it more than makes up for in GIANT COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS OF BRETT FAVRE. Here's what the publisher has to say, in language borrowed from Tiger Beat:

Brett Favre is an American institution. A living breathing sports icon. One of the most popular and interesting athletes of this or any generation. Just when you think you've seen it all from the gunslinger from Mississippi, he ends up on the banks of the Mississippi River in Minnesota to re-write the record books yet again. His path to purple was paved with unbelievable drama and suspense, much like the 2009 season. Follow the journey every step of the way, from the invitation he received to join a budding powerhouse with just one missing link ... through the miraculous finishes on the field ... and excitement off of it.


Oh, there's more:

Stunning, full-color photographs throughout the book preserve this epic moment in history for generations to come!

Brett Favre's first season in Minnesota will go down as the most memorable in the history of the franchise. This book captures every spine-tingling moment from the day he received the first call to come to Minnesota, to his dramatic arrival, all the way past the first half of the 2009 season. The memories in this book will be cherished forever by current and future generation of Vikings fans.

Forever, or at least until his fourth interception in the NFC championship game.

Brett Favre: Magical Memories in Minnesota [Star Tribune]

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