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Kansas Snaps Big 12 Losing Streak; Fans Toss Goalpost Into Lake

The Kansas Jayhawks had lost 27 straight conference games before beating West Virginia 31-19 yesterday. After the win, fans took down a goalpost and chucked it into a lake. The video's best part is the guy proudly holding the small piece of goalpost. So content with himself.


One might say, "Hey, the Jayhawks are 3-7 and beat a 4-6 team to snap that streak." Stop pissing on their parade. Let them enjoy this brief time without disappointment, before reality sets in.

UPDATE: Reader Matthew sent in a photo of what happened to the goalpost after it went into the lake. He says some heroes rescued the goalpost and tried to take it in their car. Matthew does not know whether or not their heist was successful.

UPDATE: Foiled!


H/t to Tim

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