Kansas State Guard Angel Rodriguez's "Puerto Rican Temper" To Blame For His Third Foul, According To ESPN Announcer

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Live Recording - Dec 22, 2012 9_42 PM

The last time we wrote about Kansas State guard Angel Rodriguez, he was facing chants of "Where's Your Green Card" from a brain-dead Southern Miss band. Sadly, the Wildcats' backcourt star can't escape comments about his ethnic background, as ESPN announcer Mitch Holthus made note of Rodriguez's "Puerto Rican temper" getting out of hand and leading the KSU player to commit his third foul midway through the second half of their bout against Florida in Kansas City.


Holthus, also known as the voice of the Kansas City Chiefs, serves occasional duty for ESPN when they broadcast games in the area. (Analyst Fran Fraschilla stayed quiet in response to Holthus's remark.) Did Holthus cross the line? Your opinions will inevitably be found below! [ESPN2]

Update (10:04 p.m.): It's possible Holthus meant Rodriguez was being benched so as to not allow his "Puerto Rican temper" to lead to a situation in which he'd draw his fourth foul. Given the game situation, that makes a bit more sense, but it's no less questionable a statement.