Kareem Hunt In ESPN Interview: "I Realized What I Did Once I Saw The Video"

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Former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt went on ESPN’s NFL Countdown to attempt an apology after video surfaced of Hunt kicking and shoving a woman in a Cleveland hotel. In the interview with Lisa Salters, he confirmed earlier reports that he was untruthful to the Chiefs about the February incident, that the NFL never approached him to talk about it, and that both he and his team learned about the video in real time. It was at that moment, he said, that he realized exactly what he did.

While Salters pursued a line of questioning that deeply focused on the incident at hand, Hunt never provided much substance to his answers. He repeatedly said he’s “not that type of person.” He cited that his mother and grandmother raised him to know right from wrong. He apologized not just to his friends and family, but the Chiefs organization and teammates as well.

Kareem Hunt ESPN Interview Final

When Salters asked if he intended to reach out to the woman he shoved and kicked, Hunt replied, “If it comes down to it,” because he didn’t really know her or how to get in contact with her. The running back said he hadn’t taken any steps to receive counseling despite possibly having anger issues, per his own admission.


Hunt at least had the awareness to realize any chances he has at a comeback are infinitesimal. Still, Salters asked why he deserves that chance, and he didn’t say more than, “Because I’ve worked so hard for this.”

The interview wasn’t very illuminating, and seemed more like a PR strategy in the hopes that another NFL team might be bold enough to claim him on waivers. Salters did well to push Hunt for answers, but she didn’t get much out of him. That being said, he’ll face at least a six-game suspension not just for this, but another assault incident. It’s hard to see even the most problematic organization signing him in the near future, especially given his position.