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Keeper Absolutely Mortified After Snapping Opponent's Leg With Horrible Tackle

Kenneth Udjus, goalkeeper for Norwegian third-tier club Asker, did a very bad thing this weekend when he clattered into the leg of KFUM player Yassin Rfiffi, flat-out destroying the poor guy’s shin. Udjus immediately looked like he wanted to dig a hole to the center of the Earth and build himself a shoddy hut and never return to the surface.


Here’s video of the ugly challenge and Udjus’s appropriately horrified reaction to it:

The keeper was similarly remorseful and apologetic in his postgame remarks to Norwegian TV:

“It’s as bad as it gets. It was painful to watch. I have not seen the video of the incident, but it was a shock. I’m very, very sorry now,” says 33-year-old TV 2 Sport.

The goalkeeper believes that both he and his opponent were max unfortunate situation.

“Of course I had no bad intentions. I have been too late in duels on trainings and games countless times, but it has never gone wrong before. He stood with his foot on the ground and I did everything wrong with the timing, and when the outcome was just sad,” he sighs.

Rfiffi was taken to the hospital where doctors discovered that his fibula had been broken in two places. KFUM’s CEO said the player will be out for “many months.” As bad as Udjus felt about the tackle, it’s probably safe to say that Rfiffi feels worse.

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