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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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The man you see here iis one Kenny Irons of the Cincinnati Bengals. The downright fabulous picture was posted yesterday on the blog Bossip, who incidentally have one of the finest taglines on the internet. Before you go jumping to conclusions regarding Kenny's sexual proclivities you might want to consider the testimony of Lita, a Bossip commenter...after the jump.

The pic was taken by his ex girlfriend around halloween. Those shorts he has on are his work out shorts, the shirt..his girlfriends (Who is a cheerleader for the Indy Colts). They just had a bad break up and viola' the pics end up all over the internet. One thing is for sure, the pic looks suspect as hell...BUT...he isnt gay. I know Kenny personally we dated for almost 2 years and he is always that ashy lol. Thats why you cant let people take questionable pics of you when you are in that kind of position.


See, he's not gay, he just fucked with a kinky cheerleader who happens to own a camera. It happens to the best of us.

Also worth considering is the input of commenter, *Breaker_1_9*...

That is still suspect tho....I would never let my man wear my draws. I don't want him shedding his ball hairs where I put my vajayjay. That's just unsanitary.


So very true.

A commenter reminded me of the classic KSK post involving Kenny Irons, a suitcase, and a dick sucking midget.

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