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Just in case you thought the whole creepy social media monitoring thing was starting to die down, it's not. Back in May, we got a glimpse into LSU's use of a social media monitoring company called UDiligence, where athletes were already being monitored for the use of hundreds of hilarious trigger words related to drugs, sex, violence, or alcohol as defined by UDiligence themselves.


Now, thanks to open records unearthed by the Courier-Journal, we can see how Kentucky monitors its athletes' accounts. In addition to all the terms LSU looked for, Kentucky searches for the names of nearly 370 sports agents. (Kentucky's monitoring is done by a company called Centrix Social. Centrix Social was recently absorbed by Varsity Monitor, the very sketchy outfit about which we've written before.) Lest their student athletes enter into secret contracts and then brag about them on Twitter.

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