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Kevin Durant Continues To Be Very Not Upset About His Tiff With Podcast Host C.J. McCollum

Screenshot: Ben Golliver (Twitter)

Reporters, smelling blood in the water, caught up with Kevin Durant at a Team USA practice in Las Vegas to find out whether he was upset after a testy online exchange with Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum. First it appeared that Durant was playing dumb, but it soon became clear he was using advanced brain-genius Socratic method to enlighten the reporter.

The Warriors star took him by the hand and led him to two points: if someone says something before the other person says something, they’re the one who is Upset, and only one party can be designated as Upset in any given exchange.


If C.J. McCollum said something first, he is the one who is Upset, and thus Kevin Durant is Not Upset. Checked mate, sucker.

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