Kevin Durant's dominating performance at an intramural flag football game at Oklahoma State earlier this week has a lot of people asking "What if?" All of those people work for the Panini Group, the Italian collectibles giant that makes trading cards and bought Donruss two years ago. What if Durant actually played football? What if he played for the Redskins? What if we put him on a card with a Crown Royale logo?

Well, they went and did it, those silly Italians. Now they've given false hope to Redskins fans everywhere. Even more dangerous, they may spark a 10V idea in the dark filament of the brain of a man who acts more like Vince McMahon than the owner of an NFL franchise. What if, Dan Snyder? What if?

Now, it should be noted that there's another more logical reason for the creation of this card. And here it is, from Panini's own website:

In January 2009, the NBA announced Panini would become the exclusive trading card partner of the NBA beginning with the 2009-10 season.


Oof. That's some poor timing.