When You Invite Kevin Durant To Play Intramural Flag Football, He Might Just Show Up

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What happened last night at Oklahoma State is a spiritual cousin to Nyjer Morgan being told on Twitter to go fly a kite, then doing it. Only less mentally imbalanced.

Durant is bored because there's a lockout, you see. He's full of energy and has nowhere to expend it. So he Tweeted what everyone assumed was a rhetorical question: "anybody playing flag football in OKC?" Someone was playing intramural flag football at Oklahoma State, more than an hour away. Good enough. Soon, Durant had suited up with the brothers of Sigma Nu—quarterback on offense, safety on defense, because when Kevin Durant shows up to your game, you let him play whatever he wants.


Durant got the game ball, because of his four touchdowns and three interceptions and because he's Kevin freaking Durant. But what truly won the hearts and minds of everyone there, now KD fans for life, was his willingness to shout "OU Sucks."

Here's Durant scrambling for a score.

And here he is throwing a pick.

Photo via Flickr