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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Kevin Durant Probably Won't Be Ready For Start Of NBA Finals, Will Have Time To Continue Posting

Illustration for article titled Kevin Durant Probably Wont Be Ready For Start Of NBA Finals, Will Have Time To Continue Posting
Photo: Ezra Shaw (Getty)

Here’s some news that, perhaps perversely, should increase interest in the upcoming NBA Finals:


Kevin Durant, who injured his calf at the end of the Warriors’ series against the Rockets and watched his teammates sweep the Blazers to return to the Finals for the fifth straight year, doesn’t appear to be on track to get back on the floor when the Finals eventually kick off.


It’s never a good thing when one of the greatest players in the universe is prevented from fully participating in the Finals because of an injury, but this is certainly a development that promises to add some intrigue to the series. The absurd question of whether the Warriors are actually better off without Durant has already driven him to make a few sassy social media posts, and one can only imagine that his desire to do so will intensify if the Warriors jump out to an early series lead over the Raptors or Bucks. What if Durant returns to the lineup with the Warriors holding a 2-0 lead, and then they proceed to drop the next two games? What if the Warriors fall behind 0-2, but Durant remains too hurt to play, and Boogie Cousins comes back to lead them to another championship?? What if the Warriors sweep the series without Durant, and during the postgame ceremony Draymond Green finally snaps and tells Durant to fuck off to New York already???

Whatever happens, Durant will surely enter this offseason feeling relaxed and content with his place in the NBA landscape.

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