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Kevin Johnson Has Little Use For Your Meat

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Have you been wondering what former Phoenix Suns guard Kevin Johnson has been up to? We know we have! Well, we'd like you to sit down and write down 49,125 different guesses of how Kevin Johnson spends his time these days. We're gonna bet you don't come up with the right answer. (And we're sorry this exercise took up so much of your time.)

Anyway, here's what Kevin Johnson is doing: He's filling bags with animal remains and dumping them along discarded construction materials in Sacramento.

For months, the remains of animals — sheep and goats that neighbors suspect were dumped by someone butchering them for meat — have turned up with gut-churning frequency on the empty weed patch.

Johnson's for-profit company, Kynship Development, also owns two rental homes nearby. One has had sewage bubbling up in the backyard and waste backing up in the washing machine, while the other is infested with mice, according to tenants and a city report.


Locals say that almost every piece of land owned by Johnson has had similar problems. We're not sure what the heck he's doing with all those sheep and goats; maybe the newest sports scandal will be goatfighting.

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