We've got some pretty good games this week so let's dive right in. As always, chat about the games down in the comments.

Arizona at Philadelphia (FOX): At one point in time, this was going to be a much more exciting game. Now it's just two teams with a combined 5 wins hoping to sucker their fans into thinking they've got a run in them. The story line of the day: Kevin Kolb returns to where he built his reputation: the Philadelphia sideline.

Tennessee at Carolina (CBS): Cam Newton had an MRI Friday after complaining of soreness in his throwing shoulder. The results were "good" but he was listed on the injury report as "probable." That's 29 words when I could have just used six: "No one cares about this game." [NFL.com]

Houston at Tampa Bay (CBS): What's wrong with you, relocated New Yorkers?! "The Nov. 13 home game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Houston Texans won't be shown locally, marking the eighth blackout this season in the NFL and the fourth affecting a Tampa Bay game, the coalition said in a statement today. The Buccaneers play in a stadium that cost taxpayers $168.5 million, the coalition said. " [Bloomberg]


Washington at Miami (FOX): I don't know what it is about the Dolphins, but they are responsible for some of my favorite sentences ever. For instance: "Tyrone Culver is ready to seize opportunity as the Dolphins (1-7) attempt to extend their winning streak to two. That's exactly what he has done the past three games, since taking over the starting free safety position. He's had five passes thrown his way and has not allowed a completion. Now it's time for a pick." I just. Everything. I love everything. [Miami Herald]

Jacksonville at Indianapolis (CBS): If I were an individual involved in wagering money on professional sporting events, I would take out all the money I have in all the various bank accounts I have scattered across the world and bet it all on Jacksonville winning this game. I mean, this game screams the Colts finally getting a win against an equally terrible division foe that they have routinely handled. So you know it won't happen.


Denver at Kansas City (CBS): The heavy drinking, cool uncle who played high school ball Todd Haley we all know and love was briefly replaced by some cliche spewing poindexter this week: "'It's a four horse race,' Haley said of the AFC West. 'I've said our focus from the start of the year to the end of the year will be the same and that's to win our division because that's our guaranteed absolute best chance to get into the second season and have a chance to do great things. That's the number one, primary goal for us and this is the Denver Broncos, like I said, all four horses are neck and neck and it doesn't matter how the division is won. It just matters that who wins it gets to play more.'" Get well soon, Hale-strom. [KCChiefs.com]

Buffalo at Dallas (FOX): Here's a lesson in fudging shit to prove a thesis: "The Cowboys lied to themselves in the late 1990s. They thought the core that delivered Super Bowls in 1992, '93 and '95 had enough steam left to keep on winning. Troy Aikman wasn't the same Troy Aikman. Michael Irvin got hurt in 1999 and retired. Emmitt Smith kept churning out yards and touchdowns, but things were more of a grind." The overall point of the article is "Chan Gailey maybe could still be coach of the Cowboys and maybe they could be good. Maybemaybemaybemaybemaybe." Good stuff. [ESPN]


New Orleans at Atlanta (FOX): Everyone's favorite poster boy for being a relatively nice guy who also plays football issued a joint statement with the NFLPA proposing a start to maybe, some day, possibly testing for HGH. "The players want to begin with a 'population study of NFL players to establish a test standard that accurately reflects the population of NFL players.' According to the statement, Brees noted that the players and NFL officials should institute a program together. 'This is our joint program, not just the NFL's,' Brees said in the statement." [NOLA.com]

St. Louis at Cleveland (FOX): Tony Rizzo speaks for us all.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (CBS): "The first eight games have taught football smart people not to underestimate Dalton, the fifth QB taken in the draft last spring. He has been fearless without being reckless. He is smart and clear-eyed. He hasn't done a rookie thing since August. He's completing 61.5 percent of his passes. He has thrown just seven interceptions." Clear-eyed, everyone. Clear-eyed. Ryan FitzHarvard may be smart, but he's not clear-eyed. Daltown'd. [SI.com]


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