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Kicking and Screaming

This is always fun: At a girl's rugby game — little girls are playing rugby? — in Rohnert Park, Calif. on Saturday, a parent punched a referee in the face when he was told to move his Camcorder off the field. Not a big deal, right? Refs are getting decked at kid's games all the time; that's why we have kid's sports! Well, thing is, the opposing team's coach held the crazed parents down, ostensibly until police could arrive, when he was attacked and kicked by his opposing coach and "six to eight bystanders." He was treated for "several head injuries" and was knocked unconscious. "I never saw them coming," Craig Stewart, the coach, said. "They took the boots to me. They just started kicking me in the head and the face." In a completely unrelated story, right afterwards, the opposing teams started fighting, a rugby cat fight. And you know the funny thing? They didn't even televise the game! What's the point of fighting, kids?

Girls Rugby Game Turns Violent (San Francisco Chronicle)

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