Serial athlete seducer Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from NBA free agent Kris Humphries today, ending a 72-day marriage and/or publicity stunt. We're as unmoved as you are, because everyone saw this coming even before they each stepped out without their wedding rings—but we are concerned for the future of Humphries' game.

As we learned back in May, just after the two announced their engagement, Kardashian has a bit of a harmful effect on her beaus' play. Don't call it a curse, but here are their DVOAs, compiled by David Roher, that show how Reggie Bush and Miles Austin fared compared to the average player before, during, and after dating Kardashian:

Bush Before: 276 plays, 8.6%
During: 571 plays, -2.7%
After: 78 plays, -5.9%

Austin Before: 157 plays, 31.6%
During: Only one game, but it was the best effort of any NFL wide receiver that week.
After: 119 plays, 12.2%


There's no predicting Humphries's trajectory, as neither Bush nor Austin had gone so far as to walk down the aisle with Kardashian—but his league is in the midst of a lockout, and he is currently a free agent, so even apart from that statistical dropoff, there's no reason for optimism. Hopefully, at least, the Kardashian empire was paying him daily with the profits from the ceremony.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern today, Kardashian was still following Humphries on Twitter. TMZ reports that TMZ has been told that the NBA player is "bummed."