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Last week, amid the Skins’ latest attempt to prove that they are the most grotesque and embarrassing franchise in sports, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that quarterback Kirk Cousins had asked team owner Dan Snyder to trade him. Cousins then went on Adam Schefter’s podcast to set the record straight, only he didn’t exactly set fire to Mortensen’s report.

Here, via ESPN, is how Cousins characterized his meeting with Snyder:

“I did inquire if there was any interest in trading me to get an understanding of their perspective,” Cousins said. “The answer I got back was Mr. Snyder communicated his belief in me and desire for me to remain a Redskin.”


We could spend all day splitting hairs here, but I feel like there isn’t that big of a difference between “Trade me!” and “Hey, would you be interested in trading me?” Regardless of how the conversation actually went down, what matters is that Cousins is still stuck in hell.


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