Two weeks ago I wrote that Alex Len had committed the dumbest foul of the season. Tonight Kirk Hinrich announced his challenge to the throne.

With three seconds left in the game, the Mavericks trailed the Bulls by three after Pau Gasol made two free throws. Kirk Hinrich attempted to foul Monta Ellis on the floor—sending him to the line for two free throws instead of having a chance at making a game-tying three-pointer—but totally blew it. Instead, Hinrich jockeyed Ellis from behind, allowing Ellis to stop and cause Hinrich to foul him as he rose for the three. Ellis hit all of his free throws to send the game into overtime.


Once there, it was Dallas' turn to see certain victory slip out of their grasp. Derrick Rose hit this absurd shot to send the game into a second overtime, where the Mavericks finally prevailed after nobody committed a stupid foul and nobody made a preposterous shot.

GIFs via @_MarcusD_