What Klay Thompson did during the third quarter last night boggles the mind. Thirty-seven points on 13-13 shooting, 9-9 from three? A few of the shots—the one from five feet behind the three-point line and the one where he just sorta flung it up while covered in the corner come to mind—would have been terrible decisions in any other circumstance. Last night was not any other circumstance.

After the game Warriors players had no clue how to describe what they had just seen. Draymond Green told reporters, "I don't understand what you all want me to say. What we looking for here?" Green is right. The best way to experience Thompson's transcendent third quarter is not through words, but through video, sound, and images. So below you will find a video of all 37 points in 37 seconds, a clip of Warriors radio duo Tim Roye and Tom Tolbert calling the game, and photos of the incredible reactions Thompson and his teammates had to his performance.

Header and images 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 via Ezra Shaw/Getty; Images 4, 9, 11 via Ben Margot/AP