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Knock-Off American Sports Apparel In Bangladesh Is Magnificent

Photographer Jason Miklian is working in the Dhaka and captured a young man wearing this insane sweatshirt, which brilliantly encompasses how some cultures interpret America's fashion sense when it comes to team gear.

Here is Jason's report:

I travel a bunch in developing countries, and have always been a big fan of horribly wrong bootleg American sports gear. From "Green Bay Dolphins" caps to black with white pinstripes "New York Sox" t-shirts, it's all gold. Sadly, it's been drying up recently with TV invading the production centres with their distasteful accuracy. Happened upon this gem in Dhaka today though, thought Deadspin posse would like to see how real thugs roll in Bangladesh. would love to see what others have found.


So for those of you who find yourself in developing countries and come across one of these sartorial rarities, please send them along.

(PHOTO: Jason Miklian)

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