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Illustration for article titled Kobe Bryant Suggests His Mom Stole Memorabilia From His House

Last week, we told you about Kobe Bryant's legal battle with his mother, who he claims illegally sold a bunch of Bryant's memorabilia from his high school playing days to an auction house for $450,000. We suggested that Bryant was being kind of a dick for preventing his mom from selling stuff that was just collecting dust in a storage unit, but now it looks like his she may have been up to something more nefarious.


Bryant tells the Los Angeles Times that one of the items his mother sold to the auction house was a Teen Choice Award that Bryant last saw in his own home.

The Teen Choice Awards item was specifically mentioned by Bryant in Wednesday's filing.

"It was last seen by me in my personal residence," he wrote. "I do not know how my mother or Goldin obtained possession of this award but it was without my permission."

We really, really hope that Kobe Bryant's mother didn't life a Teen Choice Award from her son's home just so that she could sell it to an auction house. That would make us so sad.

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