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Kobe Bryant Told Serge Ibaka His Nutshot On Blake Griffin Was "Hogshit"

Serge Ibaka's karate chop on Blake Griffin's junk earned him a healthy fine and criticism from some of the NBA's elite—including Kobe Bryant, who said if the Thunder star tried the trick on him, he'd respond with a smack in the mouth.


Conveniently, the Thunder and Lakers matched up last night in a nationally-televised bout claimed handily by OKC. TNT's cameras happened to catch a conversation between Bryant and Ibaka, and we asked our lip reading expert Evan Brunell if he could translate. It appears they were discussing the Blake Griffin incident (and Kobe's response to it):

KB: That's hog — that's hogshit. —

SI: [obscured]

KB: — It's insulting. I might ask, what would you do, somebody did that.

SI: If [you] was over there, you'd [see?] it.

KB: You can't do that, brother.

h/t to burner FatBullet for the suggestion

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