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Kobe Has A Run In His Protective Gear

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We share YAYSports!' fascination with Kobe Bryant's tights, or his protective garb, or whatever the hell they are. It appears Kobe's tights — which clearly aren't constricting his ability to shot the ball 40 times a night — are now available for purchase on Nike's Web site for a mere 35 bucks, and we're thinking about maybe buying ourselves a pair, just to wear around the apartment.

YAYSports! also digs up a quote from Marcus Camby, who is not buying the Kobe-wears-them-to-protect-his-hammys argument. Exact quote, as to how his protective arm sleeve is different than Kobe's tights: "I don't wear pantyhose."


We're starting to think that Kobe's tights are the NBA underreported equivalent of Clinton Portis' costumes.

Nike Is Banking On Kobe's Tights [YAYSports!]

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