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Kornheiser To Klosterman: Come Get Some!

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It's always funny when writers fight — imagine fourth grade girls, except with more slapping — and it's even funnier when both writers take paychecks from ESPN. Unfortunately, as much as we might like to make this little tidbit into a fight, it's mostly just an old guy with a microphone tossing pebbles at a young guy not paying any attention.

To recap: In his Page 2 column last month — a good column, though we still love the most recent one, particularly the line about Kobe Bryant and the Lakers being like an eighth grade team and Kobe being the kid with a mustache — Klosterman (gently) took Kornheiser to task for an inconsistent (and inexplicable) view on the NBA's dress code. A blogger (because they're always the ones causing all the trouble) sent the Kornheiser show an email about the column, and, because it's really hard to fill hours of airtime, Kornheiser went ballistic on the air, demanding Klosterman call into the show and defend himself.


Now Kornheiser is in day three of his on-air rants, calling for comment and continuing to stomp his radio wave feet. No word from Klosterman yet, though we'd have to think the guy's too busy to listen to sports talk radio all day. It's funny, too, because we'd have to think Kornheiser and Klosterman would be kindred spirits, separated by a couple of decades. If "Saved By The Bell" had been on in 1978, we're sure Kornheiser would have been all over it. We doubt he would have like Dokken much, though.

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