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Kurt Warner Operates On A Higher Moral Plane Than You And I

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Kurt Warner is visiting the 49ers as we speak, and he arrived the same way that Jesus always traveled; in a private jet. But it wasn't just to create leverage in his contract negotiations.


I mean, just look at the photo. Does this look like a man who would toy with my team's emotions just to gain a couple of extra bargaining chips? His agent, Mark Bartelstein, would like to point out that there is an invisible halo hovering above Warner at all times.

"People assume things are being done to create leverage and that's not true," Bartelstein said. "Anyone who knows Kurt Warner knows that's not the moral plane he operates under. He would never do something to create leverage."


However, "some feelings have been hurt," according to Bartelstein, who said that Warner was disappointed that he has to go through free agency. He's seeking a two-year contract for $29 million, and the Cardinals offered $20 million over the two years. WWJD?

The 49ers are taking this seriously, even if Warner may not be. The team flew him to San Jose on a private jet, where he and wife Brenda then transferred to a black limo for the ride to the Santa Clara practice facility.

My vote? Negotiating ploy. Why would Warner go to the 49ers, who got rid of Mike Martz so that they could give more emphasis to the running game? Sorry Will.

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