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Kyle Shanahan Chased The Refs Into The Tunnel, Yelling "You Have No Fucking Balls"

Last week, the NFL issued warnings to coaches about abusing or berating the replacement refs. So naturally, multiple games yesterday ended in chaos, with coaches abusing and berating the replacement refs.

The end of the Bengals-Redskins game was especially anarchic, as DC Sports Bog breaks down. On Cincinnati's 34-yard line, Robert Griffin III spiked the ball with seven seconds left. On the next play, Washington was flagged for a false start. The officials—incorrectly—wound ten seconds off the clock, ending the game and sending the Cincinnati sideline out to flood the field in celebration.

As the officials conferred, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan came on to the field to argue. He was in the right—since the clock had been stopped by the spike, no time should have been taken off for the penalty. Order was restored, and the Redskins were given one more play, with the ball moved back 25 yards. Why 25? Five for the false start, 15 for an unsportsmanlike conduct on Shanahan, and five extra yards because the scab refs have no idea what they're doing out there.


Griffin's Hail Mary was batted down, and the refs sprinted for the safety of their locker room. They were pursued by a furious Shanahan, who, according to ESPN Radio 980, yelled "You have no fucking balls, you are a fucking pussy."

Shanahan didn't appear to make contact with the official, but the league is already reviewing the incident and he'll likely face a fine. Because the NFL wants you to remember, the fault lies with the players and coaches who get mad at the referees' mistakes, and not with the referees who make them.

Kyle Shanahan running down the tunnel after the officials [DC Sports Bog]

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