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Kyler Murray And His Height Are This Year's Target For The Anonymous NFL Scouts

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As Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray has moved on up from A’s draftee to intriguing NFL draft possibility to likely first-rounder all the way to potential first overall selection, the noise around him has grown louder and dumber. At this time of year, the cabal of anonymous NFL scouts loves nothing more than to launder their nitpicks of prospects and spread misinformation to strengthen their team’s own position. Since Murray is uniquely short for his position, he’s the perfect candidate.


On Tuesday, former Skins GM and NFL Network dope Charley Casserly crushed Murray for interviewing poorly with NFL teams at the scouting combine. “It was the worst report I’ve ever heard on a top-ranked quarterback,” he said, before cautioning that the combine interviews don’t really matter.


Casserly’s report sounds like it was serving the interests of someone who wanted to deflate Murray’s draft stock. Murray’s Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley disputed this report on Dan Patrick’s show, and Patrick talked about how the uncertainty all around the NFL draft leads to all manner of bullshit. Fittingly, Patrick then read a text from an anonymous NFL scout claiming that Murray somehow artificially inflated his height at the combine, and is not 5-foot-10.125, but shorter.

All of this reporting can be summarized in the following: Kyler Murray’s either a good leader or a bad one, and he’s either slightly over 5-foot-10 or he’s not. How does he feel about it?

There’s still over a month until the draft.

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