Ladies, J.R. Smith's Twitter Come-On Will Have You Sopping Wet [UPDATE: J.R. Responds]

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Last month, as the Knicks were in Philadelphia to play the Sixers, J.R. Smith was up to his old tricks. J.R.'s got something of a history with Twitter, and women, (and asses), so it's not like the young lady who chatted him up via direct message couldn't have known what she was getting into. Still, this is spectacular:

It's like poetry in its way. Smith with the briefest of answers, always waiting a few hours before replying to her. Smith, out of nowhere like a fallback J at the buzzer, cutting to the chase. Smith, with the unironic use of "the pipe."

We don't know if anything happened after the game. We do know that Smith went 0-for-8 that night. We do know that the girl in the Twitter conversation is a senior in high school. We do know that the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16.

UPDATE (6:55 p.m.): J.R. has responded, on his Instagram account:

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